Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium Statement on Diversity in Clinical Trial Participation

The Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium, a collaboration of the Big Ten Athletic Conference cancer centers, recognizes the importance of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in clinical trial participation. Together, and individually, we are committed to actively working toward clinical trial development and participation that reflects the demographics of disease in our collective catchment areas, thereby providing a more accurate reflection of the response of unique subgroups to interventions and therapies. We recognize the need for outreach to all patient populations to emphasize the positive benefits gained from participation in clinical trials, and for collaborative efforts to remove the social and economic barriers that prevent individuals from participating in clinical research.


Be a Gift

beagift2016The #BeAGift campaign redefines what it means for minority groups to participate in clinical trials — from researchers using their “gift” to discover potential cures to patients whose participation is a “gift” to advance innovation. #BeAGift offers a culturally diverse representation of individuals at various touch points within the clinical trials process, from healthcare practitioners to patients, from community hospitals to navigators, from faith-based groups to caregivers.

Through video vignettes and social media, #BeAGift will generate digital impressions to drive the conversation, as we work together to continue raising awareness of the need for diverse participants in clinical trials, to advance innovation, and to address the unique needs our communities.






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    Patient Advocate Foundation’s mission is to assist patients diagnosed with chronic, debilitating, and life-threatening disease to overcome healthcare barriers. With over two decades of service, we understand the critical needs of patients, and the invaluable resource that clinical trials provide in assisting patients with access to care and emerging therapies that otherwise may not be available to them. We provide support for patients seeking participation in clinical trials with direct assistance to facilitate enrollment. Learn more at or call toll-free 800-532-5274.