Bridging the Gap: Diversity Committee Podcast

The Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium’s Bridging the Gap podcast features conversations with investigators, industry leaders, and patient advocates on a wide range of topics related to diversity in clinical trials.

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  • Episode 2 (11/29/23): “Addressing barriers to diversity in clinical trial enrollment” Listen On: Spotify | Amazon Music
  • Episode 1 (8/8/23): “Introducing the Big Ten CRC Diversity Committee Podcast” Listen On: Spotify | Amazon Music
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Big Ten CRC Diversity Committee

The Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium Diversity Committee is comprised of investigators from our member institutions across disease types who work together to develop policies and strategic priorities for the Big Ten CRC that will foster growth, learning, and change that will create a more equitable environment for patients enrolled in clinical trials.


The mission of the diversity committee is to educate, advocate, and engage the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium community to create partnerships and use resources in conducting clinical trials to ensure equitable access for underrepresented populations.


The vision of the diversity committee is to be the resource that ensures the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in the framework of all Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium clinical trials.

Strategic Priorities

Improving Health Equity Through Access to Clinical Trials

  • Increase awareness and opportunities for clinical trial participation among underrepresented populations.
  • Assess and reduce barriers to participation in Big Ten CRC Clinical Trials
  • Provide input to Big Ten CRC Working Groups when developing clinical trials and translational work with population health.
  • Push for re-envision of inclusion and exclusion criteria of “noncompliance” and instead provided resources to patients who have barriers.

Empowering investigators

  • Provide expanded resources for investigators to encourage travel (ex. attendance at conferences)
  • Provide continuing education for our investigators on issues around cultural humility and communication with patients and families
  • Be intentional in our effort to reach out to diverse patient populations

Partnering with Advocacy Groups

  • Foster relationships with minority healthcare associations and other groups to bring new perspectives to clinical research
  • Build partnerships with the local community organizations and leaders at member institution locations.
  • Increase trust between cancer centers and patients by first bringing cancer center together with the same goals.

The Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium recognizes the importance of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in clinical trial participation. Together, and individually, we are committed to actively working toward clinical trial development and participation that reflects the demographics of disease in our sub groups to interventions and therapies. We recognize the need for outreach to all patient populations to emphasize the positive benefits gained from participation in clinical trials, and for collaborative efforts to remove the social and economic barriers that prevent individuals from participating in clinical research.

We are looking for patient advocates! If you would like to join the committee, please reach out to Jonathan Ang at


Additional Resources

The following resources may be of interest to our heath care providers and their patients.